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Call for Submissions – Welsh Women’s Experience of the 1970s

What were you doing during the Three-Day Week? Did you take part in the Women’s Liberation Movement? Campaign for the Equal Pay Act or Sexual Discrimination Act? Attend the Isle of Wight Festival? Did you study with the OU in its early days? Were you an active campaigner for the Welsh language? Work with or benefit from Welsh Women’s Aid or another women’s refuge? Did joining the EEC impact your life or holidays? Are you a £1 Pom? Did you come to Wales to live an alternative lifestyle as part of the back to the land environmental movement? What does the 1970s mean to you…?


Call for Submissions for an anthology of Welsh Women’s Experience of the 1970s to be published in the Honno Voices series (for previous examples see Struggle or Starve, Parachutes and Petticoats and Changing Times, Even the Rain, In Her Element and Here We Stand)

Topics of interest might include:

Women at work – the unions, the implosion of the coal industry leading to the Miner’s Strike, the experience of the working mother, the glass ceiling, gender equality/pay equality/pension rights, Laura Ashley’s business from hearth to high street

Women at home – childbirth, the work of the housewife/homekeeper and its value, the impact of the 3-day week

Women in politics – feminism, women in parliament, campaigning and protest, Welsh language, Plaid Cymru, the back to the land movement and the establishment of the Centre for Alternative Technology, and other alternative living spaces

Women and music – the rise of punk rock, rock against racism, Led Zeppelin in Wales

Women in literature

Women and sport


If you’ve a story to tell, then we’d like to read it – we are happy to consider pieces from 1000-5000 words in total. We’d also be interested in considering photo essays of the time. Our guideline for what constitutes the 70s would run from 1969 to 1981 (for example, if the experience began or ended a year or two at either end of the decade).

The Honno Voices imprint gives voice to Welsh women from all walks of life and who speak both or either language(s) – though the titles are published in English. It has published experiences of women from the 1900s to the present day, of women born and bred in Wales to those who have moved here and changed their lives.

Closing date: 30th June 2020

Submit to:

Please send your piece as an attachment, typed double spaced on one side of A4. Do make sure the title of your piece is included on the manuscript but leave off your name. Please include in your email any relevant supporting information.















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