The Covenant

By Thorne Moore
"A beautifully observed story of fate and family made real and immediate…" Alis Hawkins
Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Featured, Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels



Prequel to the bestselling A Time for Silence

The Owens are tied to this Pembrokeshire land – no-one will part them from it dead or alive.

Leah is tied to home and hearth by debts of love and duty – duty to her father, turned religious zealot after the tragic death of his eldest son, Tom; love for her wastrel younger brother Frank’s two motherless children. One of them will escape, the other will be doomed to follow in their grandfather’s footsteps.

At the close of the 19th century, Cwmderwen’s twenty-four acres, one rood and eight perches are hard won, the holding run down over the years by debt and poor harvest. But they are all the Owens have and their rent is always paid on time. With Tom’s death a crack is opened up and into this chink in the fabric of the family step Jacob John and his wayward son Eli, always on the lookout for an opportunity.

Saving her family, good and bad, saving Cwmderwen, will change Leah forever and steal her dreams, perhaps even her life…



The Covenant is the shocking prequel to the bestselling A Time For Silence:

A compelling psychological thriller’ Andrea O’Brien
Haunting, gripping – I couldn’t put it down’ Lindsay Jayne Ashford
Dark disturbing and a real page turner’ Marguerite, Amazon Reader


"...a powerful and compelling tale of one woman’s determination in the face of sacrifice, hardship and tragedy. ...utterly compelling, and with a satisfying twist at the end. Highly recommended!"
Susan Elliot Wright

"The Covenant is a powerful novel... The author does an impressive job creating a background of isolated and rural Pembrokeshire, the changing seasons and vicissitudes of farming. Her ability to create depth in her characters, their beliefs and piety, and the changes and occasional joys in their lives is exceptional. This is a book with a wallop, and I recommend it as an exceptional read."
N.A. Granger

Foreword: ISBN: 9781912905232 Language: English Categories: Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Featured, Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels First Published by Honno: 20th August 2020

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