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•  You can become a Friend of Honno yourself or buy one as a gift.

You can join the Honno community by buying shares for you and your friends. Shares cost £5 each and are of limited liability meaning that you will never be asked for any more money than your initial investment. Shares are transferable but can not be repaid. Contact: finance[at] for the form.

Sign up to our e-newsletter – e-newsletter subscribers get a 10% discount if buying online. We also run special offers through the year, advertised through the newsletter and on the website.

Do you use social media? On Facebook, Goodreads or Myspace? Add a link to the Honno website, or put Honno titles on your list of recommended books.  Are you on Twitter? You can now follow us at:



• More information on how to do this coming soon. For the moment, you can support us by donating an amount of your choice every time you buy a book through our website.



Request our books through your local bookshop – if several people request the same book they are likely to consider buying in extra copies.

• If there are any local events, such as Womens Archive Roadshows, Literary Festivals or Women’s Day events, you could help by hosting a stall of our books or taking along some of our literature. Contact us to be put on our list of volunteers.

• Display our ‘calls for submissions‘ in your local library, at work, or circulate to any writing or reading groups you are a member of.

Put copies of our catalogue out at work or give them to friends and colleagues.

Buy books for your friends!

Support Honno events by telling others about them, coming along yourself and bringing some friends

Have you read a great Honno book? Tell the world and add a review to Amazon, Goodreads or Waterstones or at one of the many other online review sites.

Are you in a reading group or know of groups in your area? Why not recommend a Honno book? We offer special discounts to reading groups on all our titles – contact us to find out more and to get a catalogue. There are also several awards where a book can only be entered by a reading group or a library so do put our books forward for those.

Recommend Honno titles to your local library or bookshop – tell them if you are an author yourself, as libraries and bookshops are keen to stock local authors, or contact us to find out if there are any authors in your area.



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