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Great writing, great stories, great women

Hooray for Honno!

“Hooray for Honno! For a quarter of a century its classic and contemporary titles have been reminding us why Welsh women’s voices should be nurtured and celebrated, why Welsh women’s writing should be read and re-read. Wales, the UK, and the British literary scene would all be the poorer without Honno. I wish it every possible success as it heads into its next twenty-five years.”
Sarah Waters


“Honno so magnificently lives up to the headline – “great books, great writing, great women!”. Welsh women, Welsh women’s history, and literature owe a great deal to the ground breaking work undertaken by the team, past and present, at Honno. I certainly owe a debt of gratitude for the publication of my heroine, Elizabeth Andrews’s autobiography A Woman’s Work is Never Done.
Glenys Kinnock


“I congratulate Honno on their magnificent achievements through 25 years. Supporting, encouraging Welsh women writers to make their creative Celtic voices heard, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. To flourish and achieve the recognition they undeniably deserve. Continue to blossom, you beautiful, bountiful, utterly brilliant female force!!!”
Molly Parkin


“Twenty five years ago Honno began a revelatory Publishing History that has become an essential facet of the whole Culture of Wales.From Classics,forgotten or neglected,to contemporary work across the creative and critical divides,it is Honno which has placed writing by and about women where it should always have been,at the centre of our past understanding and our future sensibility.”
Dai Smith


“Well done to my sisters at Honno Press. The press turns 25 years young today. And during this time it has achieved simply remarkable things – shining a light on treasures from our tradition, providing a platform for exciting contemporary authors and being an all-round fantastic indie. Llongyfarchiadau! (And on St David’s Day / World Book Day, too.)”
Kathryn Gray


“Honno’s story is one of heroic and necessary endurance; for a quarter of a century it’s workers have committed themselvs to discovering new and innovative voices and to resurrecting unjustly neglected ones. A wonderful and incredible achievement that proves the colossal value of the written word.”
Niall Griffiths


“We are so fortunate in Wales to have Honno. Thanks to the foresight and commitment of a small group of Welsh women back in the 1980s ,Honno has done a brilliant job in republishing classic works of fiction by long-forgotten Welsh women authors and at the same time provides a superb platform for present day women writers. Honno has provided a great service not only in rescuing Welsh Women’s History but in presenting it in a lively and informative way to a new audience.”
Deirdre Beddoe


“We love celebrating both Welsh writing and women’s writing – no place does this better than the wonderful Honno press!”
Welsh Writers’ Trust

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